Alphas and Brushes

Where can I get alphas and brushes?

Are you looking for alpha pack of textures?

You can find some on the internet but most are in zbrush format unfortunately.

Here’s one with png in it

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Hey @gtarring, the ZBrush collection is actually free for all, the only difficulty is that they are zipped psd files while Nomad requires png. Converting them is pretty easy but still a chore. For an easy solution I created an iOS shortcut: In the long term, I think it’d help if Nomad could directly import these.

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How do you use that link you posted?

Yes and also changing the alpha for clay build up. Nomad has that square and I prefer dotted.

If you have an iPad, you just click on it, on Android it won’t work.

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I guess what you wan’t is “no alpha”, which is the first built-in alpha. If you then want literal dots, you can enable the constant “one” falloff preset.

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On Android you should be able to just open the zip as well and extract it to /Android/data/com.stephaneginier.nomad/files/alphas

If you don’t have a zip handler installed this one is pretty good:

Heads up if you dump that huge zip in there the first time you restart the app it might take a minute to fully open. Just wait.