Free alpha brushes

Hi all.

So I thought I would share this with you.

The first is a link to my blog and a very short ‘how to’ for how I create alpha brushes for nomad. (If anyone is interested)

The second is a link to my site where you can download over 600 free alphas I have created for use in Nomad.

As the video explains these are cobbled together from old photoshop brushes or images I have taken or collected over the years so enjoy :slight_smile:


Blog post:

Link to free alpha brushes:


That’s awesome! Thank you very much.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I think we should add the function of being able to organize the alphas in folders in the form of a popup because this function becomes essential for everyone I think, especially after having downloaded Gary’s free Alphas;)


Too many alphas, app close every time. I delete some of them app works

Too be fair.

As I have so many alphas, I only bring them in to nomad on a per project basis.
Otherwise I’d be overwhelmed by them.

That may be longwinded for some people but it doesn’t impact my workflow that much. It also gives me a good opportunity to step back for a moment before I go to the next step.

Also, with my alphas some for me have specific purposes, such as just for painting rather than for sculpting. So essentially I only use them when I need to use them.

Other than that I organise them in my gallery on the tablet.

Agreed. ZBrush with desktop resources, is not recommending to load all shit with Programm at once.
One can build a very nice folder structure on Dropbox, Google Drive or on WDCloud - whatever. This way you won‘t clutter limited HD space on Tablet as well.
Did I say that? Hahaha ok guys, I am off sorting things :joy:

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512gb i am not limited in hdd lol😄

Thanks Gary! You rock!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thats awesome, thank you!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is awesome! Just what I was looking for. Is there any helpful trick to import a few of them at a time? Right now it’s one by one which is not practical for this many brushes. Although I see some people saying about crashing so I won’t do them all.

In my opinion saving them to cloud and only load what you need is best practice.


cheers knacki :slight_smile:

I’ve credited you a number of times with the link to your free Alpha’s. I didn’t realize you were here, so I want to thank you for your generous contribution.

The other thing is I would like to begin creating some of my own for Nomad. Is the a good resource you can point me too? I having trouble finding any.


Thanks for that.

As I said in this original post. My alphas are created from images and brushes over the years.

In terms of creating your own the first step is asking yourself “what do I want this for? What problem does it solve?”

So for example reptile scales not only allow you to sculpt quickly, but they can be also used for painting. Were as some fur alphas may only be good for sculpting at an insanely high resolution!

So once you know why you want an alpha, creating it or finding images or brushes to use is easy.

Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

Thank you! Specifically I was wanting to create hair for a black male model I’m sculpting. I was able to use nomad’s Height Map feature to create some Alpha’s but I’m stuck on this one Thanks again

Well if it were me.

(Im basing this on the assumption your going for an afro hair style). I would sculpt in the big forms. Using no alpha at all (by this i just mean the standard one)

Then I would simply go in with something like the bulge tool. I’d try to create a random uneven surface with it. Perhaps play with the space settings then make a few passes with various strengths etc. Again using no alpha.

Finally once I was happy with the look of that id create the fine detail of the hair by using a simple speckle as my alpha. Something not to detailed and intricate. Something like this:

Maybe something even less than this.

Again I’d use a basic brush and just giving an overall brush with this on a low strength.

That would be my thinking on how I’d do it :slight_smile:

I’ll I’ll give that a go. Thank you