Can you get custom made brushes?

Am i able to download or make my own brushes?

Here’s a link from the Forum. These are free but Gary also sells awesome alpha packs that are also worth checking out.

thank you very much

Doing your own brushes you are starting best with cloning one existing brush. Long press on one brush and a dialogue will open. Tap clone. You’ll find the cloned brush on the very bottom of your tool list.

Saving and transferring for other nomad user is complicated in the moment. Maybe it doesn’t work at? I haven’t tried.

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It’s actually very easy to transfer brushes. Share the .JSON file from the Nomad/Tools folder & the recipient simply adds the .JSON to their own Nomad/Tools folder. I presumed by “brushes” that Gozerbro was talking about alphas (which is what most enquiries regarding brushes seem to be about)

I am sorry. You are right. It is possible. I made it as well ages ago and it’s approved. MAybe nothing for first beginner steps :wink:
Hahaha @Bezzo - do you remember that when you asked me what the .json file is for :smiley: Brush sharing! Gradient Alpha Dowmload - #3 by knacki

Anyway, there are some .json files for brushes somewhere here in forum one can search for.
But it is not a no brainer like Procreate, which is said to be complicate by some users.

P.S. one can count on Holger :wink:

Btw. all these links are the result of a really “very easy” 2 min. Google search :vulcan_salute:

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