Skin Detail Brush Pack

Hi all.

So, previously I created a 3 pack of alphas that many of you have downloaded. Now I have created a ‘Skin DetailnBrush Pack’ for Nomad.

The pack contains:

  • 20 Skin brushes
  • 1 lip brush
  • 1 brow brush
  • 1 spot brush
  • 1 detail brush
  • 20 skin texture alphas
  • 8 brow alphas
  • 4 lip alphas
  • 2 spot alphas
  • 1 installation instructions file (pdf)

All customisable, and yours to do with as you wish under a standard license.

The pack is available on my site:

This one isn’t free I’m afraid, but a lot of time and effort has gone into making it.

(ArtStation has a sale on from the 27th Jan - 4th Feb where there will be a discount if you would like to take advantage of that. I will also let you all know about future site sales if you would like… SEE NEW LINK IN REPLY BELOW)

I’ve been working for a while on creating tools to use within Nomad, rather than much sculpting as I like to solve problems and make my life easier in future.

I’m experimenting with more packs like this and will share them with you all in time.

All the best


Don’t apologize for creating something of value and charging for it, nice work.

Also, beginner question, what’s the difference between a brush and an alpha?

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With Nomad Sculpt, it’s better to say Tool instead of Brush. For example, if you load the modified clay tool including an alpha, then the settings of the tool are also saved - e.g. stroke spacing, pressure, falloff …

The alpha is just an image that can be used in multiple tools. If you load this alpha e.g. into the Clay Tool, then you have to find the settings yourself…

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Cheers for that :slight_smile:

Holger_Schoenischka makes a fair point … they’re not technically ‘brushes’. I suppose my calling them that is a hang up from using other software.

A simple way to think of the difference

Alphas are an image that are the ‘shape / pattern / texture’ on a ‘rubber stamp’.

The tool / brush is all the settings of how the alpha effects the surface, and different tools work in different ways.

For example the inflate tool will ‘blow the surface up like a balloon’ in all directions. We’re as say the layer tool will create a ‘plateaued’ surface.

What I have created with my brushes is custom alphas with fixed tool settings to give a specific result or way of working to get the results I wanted (these are of course fully editable as are any tools and brushes).

But ultimately things like this are either useful to people, or they’re not :slight_smile:

P.s. I do, sort of, try to explain alphas in this video if it helps.

All the best

Hi all.

Apologies I’ve only just noticed this. The ArtStation sale is only available through the ArtStation site. So this is the link if you want the discounted price till the 4th Feb

I thought as my site is hosted by ArtStation my site would show the sale, but apparently it doesn’t do that.

Sorry about that

Hello Gary, purchased!
With the hype I purchased just read the frist post :slight_smile: you don’t worry about put a price to your work :muscle: Can’t wait to play with this new alphas and brushes.

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Thanks for that Josepmy :slight_smile:

Hope they work well for you. Ironically with other jobs and projects I haven’t had the chance to use them myself for anything other than some tests :smiley:

Would love to see what you do with them

All the best

Sure, I will post it

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Hi all

The ArtStation has another sale on from today till the 14th Feb if you want to take advantage of the discount

(Use the ArtStation link in the replys above)

Brushes whatever the whole pack is brilliant being a newbie I can understand how a thing is created with them had a lot of fun trying them all out

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Glad you’re getting good use from them :slight_smile: