How to add brushes on nomad sculpt

can you convert zbrush brushes and texture on nomad sculpt?
if you know can you put step by step guide?

No possible for now, I don’t know if that will be possible. However, you can download the Alphas for free from the pixologic site.

As Stefano says above, you can download Alphas from pixologic & also many other places online (gumroad / art station etc). If you download them onto the ipad (into the downloads folder in the Files app), go to the brushes in Nomad, click on the plus button and import the alphas for use as both Sculpting brushes & painting brushes. The selected imported alphas will then find themselves in the Nomad / Alphas folder on your ipad & you can delete them from the downloads location. You can also delete any alphas that you don’t like, again using the files app on the ipad. Hope this helps.