Zbrush alphas to Nomad Sculpt Import possible?

I am trying to find the answer to this question.
It’s probably being asked before but I didn’t find a post talking about it specifically.
I remember reading in some posts people talking about it but I don’t remember if it is posible or not.

Also If it can be done, is it straight forward or if it needs some modification to work properly.
I ask because there is many alphas packages with some very cool alphas being sold for Zbrush and since zbrush is old some of those packages have reduced price.

I think I used zbrush maybe twice, so I’m certainly no expert in the matter.

But if those alphas are merely images, and not the brush, then yes. But, a lot of the images that they have are psd. You usually need to convert those to a different type (png, jpg, etc). Then you can import the image as usual.

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