NEW - Nose & Lips Brush Pack

Following on from the ‘Skin Detail Brush Pack’ and the ‘Eyes Brush Pack’ for nomad sculpt. I’m again pleased to announce the release of a 3rd brush pack.

The Nose and Lips Brush pack are a new set of sculpting brushes that you can use as a spring board with your character design sculpt so you can unlock your creativity even faster.

The pack contains:

  • 12 Nose sculpting brushes
  • 10 Lips sculpting brushes
  • 12 Nose alphas
  • 10 Lips alphas
  • 1 installation instructions file (pdf)

Also included as a bonus 3 blank head templates available as .obj & .stl files to import into Nomad to get you started with your character sculpting even quicker.

All brushes within my Nomad Brush packs are of course fully customisable, and yours to do with as you wish under a standard license.

The pack is available through my website at:

or on my Artstation store: ​

All the best

G Force

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I didn’t know that it’s legit to use this forum as a selling-plattform.
Alrighty :smiley:

Well i wouldnt spam the forum with stuff, but people do promote tools, packs, or tutorials others may find useful

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Maybe it’s time for a new category channel… ‘Resources’ where people can share alphas, materials, etc. or link to tutorials or purchasable assets?


If so it should be separated like in Procreate to avoid sellers continuously spamming making free stuff invisible.


Well I am glad I found them here

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@knacki thats probably a good idea.
The last thing i honestly want to do, is piss anyone off with my stuff

My motivation for making these packs was to make things that were useful to me and what i would like to help me with my sculpting. Im not in this to make money, i just thought if some of these things are things other people may want then too then ok, why not and i take a lot of time making these things.

If people genuinely would like me to stop posting pavks like this if its annoying or feels spammy then im cool with that. :slight_smile:


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For me it’s absolutely fine so far, Gary.
The situation is far from that in Procreate.
You offered so much useful free stuff.
It’s not against people offering stuff.
But Nomad gets more & more popular and if there will be only one resource thread, it will end like in Procreates Forum:
Paid offerings will bury free content.
For the app and the user, both offerings are important.

totally agree with that mate… as I said the last things that’s needed is a load of spam.

Is Stephane the only admin on the forum ? … this is perhaps something we need to suggest then that the forum itself needs expanding out.