New 'Eyes brush pack

Hi all.

After a lot of research and development (and a lot of hard work) I am happy to bring you this new set of ‘sculpting brushes’ and textures.

This follows on from what I have learnt from my previous release the Skin Detail Brush Pack

The eye pack contains:

12 Eye sculpting brushes
3 Eye socket sculpting brushes
1 Iris sculpting brush
1 ‘Center mark’ paint brush
1 Texture paint brush
12 Eye alphas
3 eye socket alphas
Over 200 eye textures (jpegs)
1 installation instructions file (pdf)

All brushes are of course fully customisable, and yours to do with as you wish under a standard license.

The pack is available through my website at:
on my Artstation store:

(ArtStation has a sale on from today till the 14th Feb if you would like to take advantage of the discount. Discovered last time that Artstation sales only work through the ArtStation link so I will also let you all know about future site sales in replys below)

For those of you who use my brush packs I would love to hear from you / see your creations. And of course if you have any feedback or would like me to continue developing these then just drop me a message.

(Example of work created with the pack: Eye spy sculpt )

All the best

G Force

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Nice! Go for it :wink:

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