FREE RaZum Realistic Skin Alpha brushes

Hi! I created some new Alphas brushes for sculpting realistic skin!
I use them a lot when create creatures and human sculpts and it

just a little part of my Alpha pack (RaZum BRUSH PACK 3D PRO)

I hope you will like it.

Link for download:


Hi there
Just been playing with the brush set this evening.

Disclaimer: I’m a total noobie with digital painting.

iPad pro 12.9. 2018

  • started with simple cubw (but sure how large exactly, ‘fairly large’large’)
  • began painting, noticed that with ‘dot’ on or off, iPad felt bit laggy to paint. Is it to be expected? (Brushes are quite finely detailed?)
    or perhaps I’m using them wrong?
    – tried adjusting scale, found the same problem.

Ps- in your thumbnail/banner image for the free set… (The one with the brushes applied to a variety of eyes)… Are these rendered images from Nomad? or maybe some other program?

(I only ask as it looks like there’s l they’ve got bump to them, which I’m pretty sure Nomad can’t do yet?)

Many thanks!
Great work btw, love the YouTube content.

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Hi! All pictures from Nomad render!
Use this alphas for Stamp tool and you will get this bump! And check your poly’s count if it lags - it means you have big density of mesh.
If you want to use Alphas for painting - Switch Stroke type to Grab - Dynamic radius

Hi there… have you got any ideas where I could get some general ‘scratches’ alphas?

you know, for adding wear and tear to metal/plastic for example?