Settings for alphas

as my first project in Nomad I’ve put some treebark alphas in brushes but the results are not good. I think it’s the settings…
What would be the right settings? What boxes should I tick?

Hi George

you need a high resolution mesh to get good detail, so that maybe one thing.

You can try sub dividing your mesh or, turn dynamic topology on with whatever tool you are using to add the bark.

That should solve the problem


Hi Gary,
Sub dividing was the answer to the problem, its working perfect now.
So much to learn…
Thank you very much!

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Nice to see you on here!

I just crashed nomad :slight_smile: not starting up again…how are things going?

Did it crash on an auto save or remesh by chance?

All good here, busy in U.K. but Europe days are over :sob:

I was remeshing…
Removed the complete project out of the file but still no luck yet.
It was just a practice thing nothing important is lost.
Still its not good for my confidence in the app. I wanted a app for on the move. I Just like procreate for 2d. I have Zbrush om my pc…
UK: there is a huge project coming up in Kent right?

I was doing this a lot at first, are you running out of RAM? Got to keep that poly count down, vertices less than 8million or so. I got a new iPad and it helped a little bit. I love this app, think its the hardware which is the weak point.
Not sure about Kent, is it the Star Wars or something like that?

The project or the app?
If it’s the project, you should use less polygons, there’s limited amount of RAM on mobile. And Nomad is already optimised for low memory usage.

If it’s the app, then delete your project in the Nomad/projects folder.

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The app. I already deleted the projectfolder but after restarting the iPad I am back in the game again :smile:

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