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Hi y’all. this is my first time posting not sure where to add this but i bin having issues with some thing in the program. if any one can let me know if this is something I cant do or point me in the right direction (preferably videos tutorials :rofl:) that be great so here are my two issues

1.) saving my setting

2.) models losing resolution after opening them up

So for my first issue i kind of find it annoying that my setting reset every time I reopen the app. I’m new to the program. so I don’t know if I’m missing a setting saving section or if this is just something that happens to every one. I would like to keep my setting saved so i can just get to work and not have to waste time adjusting my brushes and all that.

for my second issue this has to do with first model i bin working on in the app. every time i open the file the resolution quality on the model goes way down even though I have gone in multiple time’s and up the quality. am I missing a setting on this file on why it dose this. I started on second project and i haven’t come across this problem which I’m happy about. these are just two small issues that are a bit frustrating. although I’m loving this program as a whole. I can do so much on my phone now and if I can get these two things fixed I will love it even more I really hope I can get help thanks y’all

  1. I don’t believe Nomad saves general settings - ONLY the settings within the project. A workaround for this is to make a “template” project with all your settings saved in it OR just use the Save As function on a project you already have settings saved in, delete all the objects in the scene, and begin working from there.

  2. You can choose “Keep Topology (at import)” in the Settings menu to not lose resolution (poly count).

You need to clone brushes and create your own. Then you won’t loose anything.

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There are several settings that are saved differently.

The settings for the UI like color, size, position etc. are saved globally and should appear with every new project.

The brush tools have to be saved individually. Press on the icon, then you can save the settings or create a new brush with these settings.

Other things are saved only in the current project, e.g. lights

Yes you got

  • preference settings, saved automatically (interface and settings options)
  • project settings, saved when project is saved (light, postprocess, chosen matcap, etc)
  • tool/stroke settings, saved when you overwrite/save a tool preset from the toolbox
  • resources, saved automatically (when importing alpha, environment, etc)
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