Tool sharing?

So, it looks like saved tool settings are kept in separate JSON files (but not alpha).

I’m still playing around with tool presets and don’t have anything to share yet, but preset sharing seems doable as long as you include the alpha and the json, and I’d love to see us start sharing tools we’re finding useful.

(Also, a single-file container for exporting/importing brushes seems like it would be a really nice feature to have, even if it’s just a renamed .zip file.)


I tried to upload, the file type is not supported. I have four custom tools - they’re really just shortcuts to commonly modded tools.
Basically a paint that’s always on grab, an inflate on grab with custom alphas (it has use-cases like stamp), a chain brush (spread out alphas stamped) and a groove brush (modded by, I believe crease, rewired for thin grooves and wrinkles)

I wish it could save the alpha setting, it is a bit annoying that I have to reset the Alpha every time I open the app. And it will get complicated if I have lots of custom brushes.

Tools should be dropped on Nomad/tools folder, there is no import button in Nomad.

The alpha should be saved it’s a bug that was introduced recently.

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