Expanded brush/tool/setting saving and customization

I am super impressed by the level of customization for the app. its incredible. my biggest issue however is i close my scene or close the app and loose every setting i have each time. so ive ended up having to take screenshots of what my settings are.

id love to:

  • save settings so they remain.

  • save brush settings into my own preset panel, specific brush curves etc. the only thing that has remained after closing was the alphas i imported. they remain.

  • an “always keep topo on function”. it happens alot that i change between parts and forget to the dynamic topo is active. you set it for a brush but move to another and that brush may not have it. so you do work and realise the polys are crumpled as the dynamic topo wasnt activated on that brush. so have to do it for everything and when i close and reopen it resets everything. it take me 15-20mins each time to reinstate my settings every session.

  • a “non back-track accumulation function” - so i do alot of hard surface and if i do brush strokes i prefer them clean and uniform, currently if i paint and change direction or go backwards it continues to add height, so having a consistent stroke thickness is not possible. id have to paint, go back and flatten/smooth/flatten/smooth after each stroke.

  • a straight line tool/brush would be amazing. so many times i just want a straight line. nothing fancy and using standard brushes with the path smoothing helps but its still not as good as a straight line :slight_smile:

im sure saving, will be coming soon-ish, as thats a pretty standard feature, the line tool would be so good… or a curve editable tool for the stroke path :).

Regardless, the app is so good :slight_smile:


Most settings are saved, some are tied to the projects (lighting, backgrounds, etc) and others are global (interface settings).
The exception are the brush settings (stroke, paint and pressure).

It’s the reason why brush settings are not saved: I’m still thinking about what is the best way to introduce the feature (mostly on Interface).

Maybe the option should be global and not per-brush.
I wasn’t sure about the best solution.

It’s not exactly that but there’s a “accumulate” option in the stroke menu.
For now it’s ignored by the painting but I’ll add support to it at some point.

There is always the “Lock Plane” function on the flatten brush, which allows all of your strokes to be made on the same plane as the last on. As long as you start the flatten on the same plane then you can make perfectly flat edits for hard surface modelling. Access the “Lock Plane” feature by selecting the flatten brush then clicking on the flatten brush icon that appears at the top of the screen, “lock plane” is a tick box under that icon.

Not to forget the layer brush drawn on a „layer“!!! With „use current layer offset“ active from layer brush menu.

This way you can do as many strokes, overlapping etc. with just one height.


hey @knacki how does that layer brush work. didnt quite understand it. i use all the brushes with the layers, is the layer brush a special type?. does it just use settings specified in the layer?. maybe thats what that position slider is for?. i tried moving the position slider expecting it to shift a stoke up and down or maybe left and right etc, didnt seem to do anything. Maybe this is a common tool in other sculpting software, im fairly new to sculpting in general, so not sure what it does.

Layer brush

Very well explained in manual video - the rest is testing by yourself if this is helpig with your problems.
I guess it will.

yeah ive wanted to check out the videos, they never load for me. tried on iphone and my pc. oh well

Wow, this is a power feature I had no idea existed! Thanks.