Isolate object and resst brush

Can you add a quick button to show/hide all unselected object. And add a button to reset default in each brush settings.

Yes the show/hide unselected is planned.

For the brushes the simplest way is to restart the app.
I know that I’ll add custom/preset brushes at some point so I’m probably going to do the reset button at this point.


How about double tap on sliders to reset to default values…?

I don’t know yet because I want to allow numerical input as well (keyboard with only numbers that pops up).

Not a big fan of double tapping because it tends to be never discovered.

Adding custom brushes has a better priority anyway.
I don’t really want to fiddle with the sliders behavior for now.


It seems that, with the latest release, brush settings aren’t being reset to their defaults when the app is restarted, and I can’t find a way to reset brushes manually. Is this a bug?
(GREAT app, btw!)

Brush settings are definitely being reset to their default.
What settings do you have in mind?

Otherwise maybe you didn’t exit the app but simply moved it to background?

Sorry, I must not have been exiting properly. Seems to be working now. Thanks!