Alpha Matcap stock in nomad Forum?

Zbrush has a library about alphas matcaps. Why nomad does not have? It is so easy to create donwloadable alpha library and matcaps library in nomad forum

I need a diverse set of alphas, and most importantly with a permissive license with it.

An artist can buy an asset library and then use it, but I can’t do that as a developer (“redistribute” issue, etc).

As for matcaps I added some recently.

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Dang. Just took a look at that lot. Will be downloading once I’m at my iPad. Cheers. I have been using some of the Alphas with ZBrush but, as I’m sure you’re aware, this involves converting the PSD’s to PNG’s and when you’re looking at a bunch of PSD’s in Windows File Explorer they aren’t particularly useful since you can’t see the image.

The Alphas from Gary are all jpgs. Preview in Dropbox. Not High Resolution but very useable in a lot of cases.

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