Nothing here

Forgets , I did stupidity

No, you don’t need someone giving you what you want, whenever he wants, not when you need it. What you really need is a lesson in helping yourself. A lesson in using search machines to help yourself! Life will be much easier, promised.

Sculpting alpha cloth - three words with Huge impact. Add free and use image search and you can select what fits your needs directly onscreen instead of waiting for others to response"

If you add “free” with hyphen, the search will only turn out hits where free is implemented.
If you enter: sculpting alpha cloth “free” -zBrush you won’t get results with zBrush implemented, which is not the best idea, but just in case you want to avoid possible psd alphas.

But no, I don’t know a huge free alpha collection……there was something posted in here I guess. Some filled their drive,
Hold on……

You know what?
You even don’t need Google, just use forum search engine. This little magnifier icon up there in right top corner you ignored before posting.

I am not sorry for my sarcasm, as I am really tired of these, “gimme these, gimme that but I am not willing to do anything by myself” questions.

This is Nomad sculpt forum not Nomad Kindergarten with lots of Nomad Nanny’s waiting for……

Sorry, but please, please, please, try it before asking . Just try it.
This will help you in a lot of life situations, not only sculpting.

Knacki’s got a point. Plenty of experienced members willing to help with genuine problems and needs, but posts like this can be a little bit frustrating, because members will help, but equally being able to conduct the most basic of web searches and utilising what you understand as a 3D artist first (how to find basic textures + researching into your craft to do this independently if you don’t know how) should be the first route sought out, then if all else fails, and every other lane is exhausted; then you come and ask the more experienced. It’s a more helpful dynamic for all the parties involved. - for fabric textures and alpha’s this is the place I recommend for a quick download trip.

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every time I go to alpha sites they ask me to pay ;-;

Super nanny ?

Simply, you’re not visiting the right sites. Granted, you will find better samples on paid checkouts - but the web is full of good royalty free stock images of all kinds. It might also help to understand how to make your own, because essentially; loading any texture (coloured or otherwise) into Nomad’s alpha section will immediately convert it into greyscale. Therefor, you can also just find regular images of cloth - abundant and numerous - and use them as well to test out. You essentially have a huge library available just on Google Search alone. May need to whittle through bad and medium samples, but samples there are, aplenty.

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I admit that I was stupid ,

Not stupidity my friend, no-one said that. It’s just understanding when to hit the panic help button and when not to sometimes. This community will always help, just use the service sparingly and wisely

Yes it was stupid of me , I forgot how the nomad alpha system works , no one said that I am stupid , but really I realized the mini problem I committed now