Make seamless alpha sticky?

I just wonder if there is a possibility to use seamless alpha in Nomad, like Grain in Procreate or Texture in Photoshop? With one brushstroke one unveils seamless texture till pencil lift. Maybe I just miss something in this tiny wonder package?

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You’re probably looking for a screen space stencil feature (ala mudbox) that’s the 3d equivalent of those features you mentioned. Would be a nice feature to have in the future for sure.

I kinda wonder if dev will want to release some sort of feature roadmap, even a tentative one, as I’m sure he’s getting multiple requests for the same thing. (although i can think of good reasons not to)

Thank you! Yes, I guess so. Don’t know Mudbox and didn’t find Screen space stencil feature, but sounds quite fitting.

I am looking for something like this:
Mudbox tileable Stencil

Seamless Alpha stays on place while painting and is projected on 3D surface. The Mudbox stencil preview is quite tasty & cool. I was just wondering if there is anything already possible? May be a workaround?

I think this would be a cool feature as long as it was tri-planar similar to the system substance painter uses so that any seamless tiled texture continues around edges or if you rotate geo in the viewport