How much do you use different alphas while sculpting?

I’m still learning 3D sculpting in general, so I’m curious how other people work. I barely find myself using alphas except at like, the VERY end, fine-detail stage of things. Is that typical? Do you use different alphas during the earlier stages of the sculpting process?


preferably the fine details should be drawn last. I will often make the mistake of putting fine details up front, at least with zbrush. with nomad I force myself to think carefully about what I’m going to do before starting.

Oh for sure. I mostly mean “should I be using alphas for something other than fine details”

For me mostly just for texture too.

Every once in a while I’ll just mess around and experiment though. 90% trash, 10% happy accidents

Me in the end for fine detail. And very rare using alpha depending on the object I think :thinking: :thinking:

With triplanar for creating complex objects at once. Fun.

To do one tap complex extrusions on high poly objects - fun!

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Nice! I saw your triplanar thing in another thread. Clever.

Love discovering your posts. You have great tips, and present them well. Thanks!

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Adding detail with greeble alphas