Alpha not responding as expected stamp vs clay brush

Placing under lounge as maybe I don’t understand the brush system super well.

But I created a 45 degree angle brush captured it with the experimental height map mode.

In stamp mode it’s perfect, gives exactly what I want. But in brush mode. It’s not even close. It’s mostly flat. If I bump the intensity up it just creates a higher flat plane.

The settings are similar. I was hoping to use the alpha to create sharp 45degree lines on models. But it’s not working.

Is it possible to get the deformation of the stamp, but as a brush I can drag?. In screen project mode the geo deforms as expected, but can’t be pulled like a stroke it just makes little mini stamps. If I go to “surface mode” it was just super flat and doesn’t feel like it’s using the alpha all that much. Am I doing this wrong?. I feel like I should be able to paint with a similar deformation?.

If you want it to be as strong as stamp, using brush would give better results rather clay. Since basically clay cannot be as strong as brush. That’s what I thought.

I’m not sure if this will help or not
I share this two brush on discord 1 or 2 months ago (forgot)
You can edit test it or anything with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brush setting on discord can’t upload in hear it’s json file

Brush setting on discord can’t upload in hear too it’s json file

If the issue is simply the intensity you can use the infinite intensity option to boost it.

hey!, @stephomi , doesnt appear to be intensity as that just kind of makes it a higher block as i go higher and then over 100 sort of mushes it further.

However i put the alpha on “Brush” and its exactly the result i needed!! thanks @Dface_Lesh . :partying_face:

Out of curiosity - What exactly is different about the clay vs brush that would create the very unique results?. Is clay generally purely to add bulk ( so inflate out and relax?) and then brush can be use for precise detailing? ( so just a straight up push from normals with an alpha?)
Im super new to sculpting so learning what everything does lol. i thought clay+brush were the same just had different initial settings :upside_down_face:

i should try the alphas on the crease and flatten brushes now, maybe ill get some cool results! :heart_eyes:

Basically clay and brush have different behavior. It’s hard for me to explain in details, Since I’m pretty much new to 3D word. Someone with more experience perhaps could tell you about it. Or you can just jump in and testing it like having fun with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Clay is flatten with an offset.

@stephomi thanks for the details, that makes more sense now!. :slight_smile: