This? ...Alpha Stamp brush

Is there any way to avoid the stamp alphas doing this on surfaces especially curved ones?

You will get a better result if you use the stamp in parts rather than trying to do the whole object in one go. As the brush is normal based, you’re actually stamping @ 90 degrees from the surface that you first stamp on, so the sides of the object you’re stamping will always end up in a bad way if you try to stamp in one go.

Is there a setting for the stamp brush to stamp the same size each time?
Because most of the time it sort of drags and isn’t precise…where am
I going wrong?

to avoid distortion you can use Inflate instead with Drag stroke type (stroke menu), it will displace the alpha along normals instead of the average normals.

As for same size, one way is to use “Drag - dynamic intensity” instead with World-space radius option check in.

Then you could play with the tiling parameters, for example repeat-repeat with high tiling.

However there’s no way to get seamleass repetable pattern in 3d.

Thank you Stephane, I will give it a try.