Texturing surfaces and Models with one click

I find it quite difficult to get an even texture on the model with alpha stamps, depending on the model. Since the whole thing also depends on the proximity to the object or the zoom level, the texture is often simply too strong, too small, too large or you can see the transition to the next stamp at the edges of the texture stamp.

Wouldn’t it be possible to simply select an object, set the intensity beforehand and then click to cover the entire model with the selected texture?

That would be so good and would simplify many processes.

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As an example, I have these boots. I would like to texture them with a leather alpha. The problem is that the alpha is either square or round and I can’t get a clean transition…at the intermediate point of the stamps you are texturing twice, because the stamps touch each other. Then artefacts or unsightly effects arise.

I had the same problem with the shoe sole…to get this protruding seam right, I had to use the stamp a total of 6 times and completely around the shoe sole…this leads to the fact that it just doesn’t look good in some places. Is there a better or easier way?

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A couple things which may help:

  1. You can make your brush/stamp keep its same size when zooming in/out. I believe it’s Stroke > World Space Radius.
    This makes it easier to find the levels you want and hold them even when rotating and zooming.

  2. You can “tile” your brush/stamp. Stroke > Tiling (up to 10x) on X or Y or both.
    This makes it easier to get a repeated pattern. To get more than 10 tiles, make a new alpha with the current alpha - just tile your new alpha so your current alpha repeats inside your new alpha (if that makes sense :face_with_spiral_eyes:).

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Are you tried with the clay brush? Select the alpha and adjust the zoom and intensity. I guess is an alternative to the stamp brush.

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