Alpha stamp direction issue

When using an alpha stamp I’m getting this angled raise direction. In another forum people suggested clicking the “normal” button however the stamp tool does not have the Normals button. Why does this happen and how to fix this?


Which tool are you using to stamp with? The actual stamp tool or the clay tool (which you have selected in screenshot)?

I can’t replicate your issue with the stamp tool but I can with the clay tool or others. With the clay tool there’s the options of Surface or Screen Project. Having Screen Project enabled seems to produce these results. Switch it to Surface.

If this doesn’t work, post screenshots of your tool settings and maybe someone can see what’s happening easier.

Normal option is for Move and Drag tool.

Hi Roger, I’m using the Stamp tool. My image with the cube thing shows the tool on the right.


Can you post your tool settings? And maybe a video?

Maybe your object scaling is too extreme? Have you tried going to the gizmo tool and in the settings click ‘bake’?

Sorry for the delay, got busy at work. Here is a video showing the stamp tool with an alpha map. I drag up to extrude and some of them are normal to surface while others are skewed.

Thanks for your help!

Reposting this. I’m still having this issue. Any advice? Thanks all!

Can you try it with a smaller brush radius? The tools seems to use the average normal of the points in the radius circle.

Have you ever tried your way of working in the WebDemo ?
Does the same error happen there ?

Oh good idea. I will try this.

Thanks Holger!

Okay this is the web version. I made a test with two cylinders, one normal and one rotated 90*.

…and this is the same test but on my iPad Pro.

So, something is misaligned.
I know this problem only from you.

I can only recommend you to reset the settings. I don’t know exactly what is wrong with your settings. Stephane could help you best.
If you reset, then you can copy the colors (materials.json) into another folder and then back again. Or you just delete the settings.json.

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