Stamp tool problem

Bug reports

I have this bug with the stamp tool and with any alpha. it’s a little less buggy with front facing only enabled.

As a workaround inflate brush with “Grab - dynamic radius” option in the stroke menu should work for objects like this (It pushes points along individual normals, not an common average normal)

Exactly as @ray said. I don’t consider that as a bug though.
TL;DR but I’ll probably change the behaviour because it doesn’t feel right for a stamp tool.

Now for the curious.

Method to compute the direction:

  1. individual normal (Inflate): produces lot of self-intersection
  2. average normal (Stamp, Brush, Clay, etc): works weird when you have to deal with thin surface or corner
  3. same as “average normal” but filter the front-facing normal (basically a “Front-facing normal only” always activated)
  4. normal of nearest vertex (under the cursor): works fine most of the time but too random on high density noisy area
  5. average normal, except it would be computed only once when starting to drag the Stamp. This solution require a radius so I would need to enable back the radius for this kind of situation.

There are other solutions but these are probably the simplest.

I’ll probably go for 3. or 5.
I like 5. because it might give more control, but I need to check if having the visible radius (only for normal computation) is confusing or not.