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I don’t think this is a bug, but more likely my lack of knowledge:)

When using the Stamp tool is there a way to get it to wrap around an object properly and fully?

Example: An ice cream cone. Right now the best I can do is mirror it so it gets the other side. But the sides get “stretched”. I’d like to be able to stamp all the way around. Evenly would be best, but understand that may not be possible. I don’t mind having a “seam” line.

Not a bug. I don’t think there is a way to wrap around. But there are a couple of ways of doing it.

  1. Create half the clone and stamp your pattern on the model and then duplicate and rotate to make a whole clone and do a voxel merge.
  2. Create a layer to stamp your pattern in one direction and then create another layer and stamp the pattern in the other direction. Using layers will make it easier to blend the joins by using the delete layer brush. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply.

For both of the methods you provided, it would work IF the stamp would stamp evenly throughout the curve. The issue is that the instant it starts moving around the curve, the stamp starts to warp. Basically, the only part that isn’t warped is the origin point of the stamp. As you travel out the warping becomes more and more intense. It doesn’t conform and wrap around the object.

I had a quick go at an alpha. It’s very rough and needs cleaning up. It’s basically a diamond oblong pattern and warped in an art app.


I then created a cone that was short and subdivided.
Then I used the image from the top down so the alpha would go through the other side.

Next I did an extract from alpha. Simple merged the two models and stretched the cone taller. Then a separate and scaled the diamond grid model a bit and voxel merged. Used the mirror to flip the good side to the bad side on the X and Z.

Obviously there’s a bad seem on each side as it was just a test. If you use this approach and take the time to create a cleaner alpha you may get a better result.


I think we should just crown you King of Nomad. Genius solution

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Very nice, thank you :pray:t4:

I’ve been playing with it and getting it to work but not as well as I’d hoped for. Also, when doing it on a sphere, it doesn’t work so well.

But this will hopefully be good enough for now.

Thanks again!

This is the best I could get a cleaner alpha on a sphere.

Basically I use a layer to flatten a sphere and then apply the mask and then hide the flattened sphere layer to get a better masked round sphere.

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