Masking / Stamping - Texture Wrapping

Is there a way to stamp or wrap a mask around an object and create an even and repeatable mask or texture? I’ve searched through the forums and can’t find anything (other than my previous ice cream cone request).

For example, in the attached pic, you can see the lense is textured with a stamp or mask. But as soon as it starts turning the corner, the stamp/mask warps. The stamp/mask is projected on from the current view or angle of the starting surface. I would like to do something similar, but make it a uniform texture all the way around.


A similar option in ZBrush: #AskZBrush: “How can I wrap an Image around a ZBrush Sphere?” - YouTube

Basically, using the mask/stamp and having it follow the surface of an object and keep the alpha’s shape. Hopefully that makes sense.


This might be a solution from one of Glenn’s tutorials: NOMAD SCULPTING - New Release - Radial Symmetry - YouTube

Thank you John! With radial symmetry as well as tiling turned on, it got me a little closer.

If used on a symmetrical cylinder it works well. However, when using it on objects with more curves, it still doesn’t follow the contours and space out correctly. As you can see from the pic attached it ends up “bunching” or distorting along different axis.

Quick question/suggestions (I could be wrong). Can you voxel remesh the object and try the radial symmetry again? My guess is that if the mesh is off then it could influence the results your getting. Let me know if that changes anything.

I remeshed right before trying it for the previous screenshot.
Just to be sure, I remeshed again and tried again with the same result.

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It was worth a shot. I myself would love a fix for this as well. There are existing workarounds, but they are tedious, lol.

I’m glad it helped Roger. Problem with symmetry is that soon as there’s a slight disruption to the mesh - which can be caused by a lot of variables - even just 1 degree tilt on singular axis - it will disrupt the results on the mesh. Symmetry continues its calculations and tries to adjust for this, but the results end up skewed and non-symmetrical, with the action remaining mirrored only. I find symmetry has to be turned on from start to finish of the model to get 100% results. You could try resetting the World Center when it goes off course.

Symmetry of the object isn’t necessarily the issue here. It’s more along the lines of the radial symmetry being active on a single plane and projected (in depth) from that plane - x, y, or z. [not sure if I’m explaining it well]

On a new sphere, I can use radial symmetry and it curves with the sphere, but all on the same plane.

You can see the radial symmetry applied on the X axis plane but it also follows the curve of the sphere. With tiling enabled, you can better see the way in which the stamp is curved by the roundness of the sphere:

The stamp is no longer uniformly placed and depending on the point in the curve, the raised/lowered sections get closer or further apart.

I see what you mean. Which Falloff are you using with Stamp’s stroke setting?

I’ve tried flat as well as some curved-v (stock). Even the flat has a slight curve to it that follows the sphere (or objects curve. So I made an inverted v to try flattening it (successfully).

Oh wait, ignore that reply. That’s what you meant by flat. The inverted falloff seems to have done the trick, very nice.