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Hello, I’m looking for a way to better select a mask. Is there any way to simply select an entire face or all triangles on the same plane all at once? I have dug through the forum and google but haven’t found anything that covers this. I’m just looking for a faster way to mask areas off that is more precise. I’ve been trying to use the stamp tool to do texturing on very particular areas but I don’t feel the masking options currently are very precise. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Additionally this leads into the stamp/texturing options. I love how nicely it works but it would also be great to have a little more control over it.



There are two types of mask, first is mask selection and the second is selmask, there also a gestures to mask the entire object that you want. You can find the selmask under the “tools”.

And i think this discussion would fit in “Tips, Tutorials and Help” Category

Check out this video and give it a try. Ask more questions if you still need more help :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve actually watched her videos several times but what I am more looking for is the ability to select an area to mask by face or group of triangles. Imagine you had a flat plate with a logo on it that is raised by .12mm. Now I would like to mask off this logo in order to stamp a texture onto the rest of the plate. Currently I have to paint on the mask and zoom in and out to try to get the mask up tight to the edges of the logo to which you inevitably go over the edge or it wraps down the sidewall of the raised face. I know that I can mask the area that I want to texture and then invert but I still run into the same issue when I run up to the wall of the raised face. As far as I know this ability does not exist so I figured this would go in the feature request section. If there is a way to do this, please school me. Btw thank you both for the quick responses. I have never had anyone respond to a forum post that quickly. Goes to show that there are good passionate people for this superb app.

Thanks again

In the upcoming update, depth masking is possible.

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You can also turn on “Front Facing Vertex Only” and turn you model so that the wall or portion you don’t want makes is slightly facing away. Then use your mask and you may be able to do it quickly.

Also in the update is a slider for keep sharp edges % - this filter works with many tools & will allow more control over masking (painting, clay, smooth etc) so the stroke stops when you reach a sharp edge - the change in angle is controlled by a %.

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