SelMasking bug (select mask with front facing checked on not working)

Sorry if I’m missing something

Select mask does not seem to be able to use use front facing properly anymore, it masks the opposite (back) side instead.

Slightly related the one touch gestures for mask only work in one touch now and not while holding, any way to have it work like before ?

It’s working fine for me on both iPhone and iPad. Can you post a video of it?

Here’s an example
(Normal mask works but not selmask)

Show the matrix of your mesh (to see if it’s a flip matrix) and if “inverse culling” is enabled in material menu?

Not sure why your mesh displays 0 vertex and 0 face, it shouldn’t happen.

Gesture menu.

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Ah that must be the flip thing, thanks!

I can’t seem to get the old gesture with hold to activate, it seems to only let me do with one touch enabled. Don’t know how to phrase it but was looking for a way to disable one touch but keep the old blur and sharpen with holding mask button and tapping.

Not possible for now.

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