Toggle Mask/SelMask Toggles 2 times

Hi, I believe I found a bug when trying to use Toggle Mask/SelMask using the Tool mode.
When I long press with the pencil it toggles to the other mask brush but as soon as I release the pencil it toggles back to the mask brush I had already selected before pressing down. For example:
SelMask is current → press the pen down → it toggles → release pen → it toggles back → SelMMask is current again.

Not sure if this matters but I have set the following settings related to masks:
Mask → “One tap shortcuts”: Off
Mask → “Shortcut”: SelMask
Toggle: Mask <=> SelMask → “Stroke”: Off
Toggle: Mask <=> SelMask → “Tool”: On
Pencil double tap: Mask

This happened on my old Tablet as well (2020 IPad Pro 11 using IPadOS 17.4.1) but weirdly I was able to resolve it by reordering the brushes in the brush palette. It now works there as I would expect the feature - for example like:
SelMask is current → press the pen down → it toggles → release pen → Mask is current.

Now on my new 2024 IPad Pro 13 using IPadOS 17.5 I am not able to fix it by reordering the brushes anymore.
On both tablets I am using Nomad Sculpt 1.90.

I can replicate the bug indeed.

But I’m removing the selMask tool anyway, and the 2d shape will be merged in the Mask tool, similarly to hide/facegroup tool.
Note sure how it will impact all the shortcuts yet, but things might change a little.

Cool, that sounds good and thanks for the quick confirmation.

Please don’t tell me you’re removing the selMask tool :pray:t4: I use it ALL the time.

Edit: I re-read you comment and think I may have misunderstood. Did you mean that the selMask tool will no longer be its own tool, but instead be combined with the mask tool? So mask would be brush strokes OR the 2d selection?

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