Mask shortcut activates last used masking type

Mask shortcut icon in menu always activates mask brush.
It would be super useful, if it activates last used masking type.

Example: In my workflow, especially in posing, I often use the lasso tool.
Instead of direct access via menu, I always need to go to brush menu, scroll, select. This is slow.
So it would be a blast, if masking icon Just activates last used masking tool, wether it was brush mask or sel mask :heart: :vulcan_salute:


Great idea, would be a nice time saver for me too, as I’m using mainly SelMasks for masking.

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That would be really useful for users who don’t want that having a toggle in the options would be nice. Another mask option toggle I would appreciate is whether or not the mask tool remembers if you’re masking or unmasking. A lot of the time I’ll mask something then unmask and draw around it to clean it up then go back to sculpting. Next time I go to mask something it’s still set to unmask so I ussualy try masking, realize, my mistake, and then switch it. Not a huge deal but a minor inconvenience. I’d prefer if the mask tool always would default back to masking when I used it.

Hm, in actual system, this is somehow possible.

Mask and unmask is remembered by each masking tool separately. If you use sel mask for unmasking and regular mask brush for masking, you can toggle between mask and unmask via mask shortcut with one tap. SelMask have to be the active brush in this scenario. Works vice versa as well, means SelMask for masking and mask brush for unmasking.

This would not be possible anymore, if the request is realised.

Yes, but if you use another tool, mask button reverts to Mask tool, not SelMask,
so it would be useful if mask button memorizes last used masking method.