Flip SelMask option

A flip function for the SelMask would still be handy.

Doesn’t mask hold & tap just invert selection?

Flip faces or invert mask?

Not invert - flip… If you need several mask sections on one object, sometimes it is not possible or very difficult without a flip function…

Yes, I know, with this example it kind of works - first mask outside then delete parts of the mask and then mask again… the flip function would be handy only sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:

But there are situations where I got nowhere without flip, so I had to split or take another detour.

Flip for SelMask , i posted an example.

Like this…?

No, I mean the flip function like from e.g. Trim tool.

Do a test - take an object and mask the center and then try to mask the outer edge.


Ahhhhhh - You want to flip the tool, not the mask. :vulcan_salute:
Just in case you already have a selection where invert is not working anymore…well. That took me a while to get it.

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