Brush intensity - 10

This may not be a bug and just how it is. However i find i must have almost all brushes set to 10 in intensity to make strokes with any sort of noticeable deformation.

Generally everything adds a small amount below that. The only way im able to deform in a stronger way is with the layer brush, but it messes up to topo and doesnt work with dyntopo.

I usually also use a full white alpha, so should push alot + 10 intensity + slider to max

Am I doing something wrong maybe?, is the deformation dependent on scene size/scale?. Maybe model is too big?/too small?. Maybe requires a lot of polys to deform higher?. Thanks for any feedback :).

Black line is clay - 10 intensity + 100% turned on + flat alpha.

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I think it works as intended, note that the effects often depends on the brush size.

You got a very small stroke spacing (1%) while having « adjust spacing intensity » on.

It means the intensity is reduced to keep a consistent deformation independently from the spacing value. You can disable the option to boost the deformation a bit.

Something that I’ve been thinking is removing the « multiplier » option and instead add an option to allow infinite slider for the intensity.
But I’m not sure, I might experiment a bit.

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i like the idea of an infinite slider. sometimes its nice to make huge deformations to block out shapes and then do lesser values when sculpting more precisely. I try to block out large shapes quickly while i have inspiration and then focus down after.

i always have the « adjust spacing intensity » turned on but usually sliders down. figured that was turned off also. i could try the checkbox to see if that changes stuff :).

thanks again!

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Hmm, interesting. I always seem to experience the opposite: full white alpha is extremely strong even at 1x.
Maybe object scale affects it too?

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