Smooth not “strong” enough, am I doing something wrong?

In my video you can see that I’m using smooth with 100% intensity, and it’s not really doing much to my mesh.

I’m used to blenders smooth, that if you use with high intensity it can really change the shape of the sculpt if you are not careful.

Am I doing something wrong?
Any advice it would be nice, thanks!

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You can turn up the brunch multiplier and make it much stronger.

“Intensity Multiplier” in the Stroke menu

The smooth tool works more or less the same in every sculpting software (zbrush, blender).
It’s heavily impacted by the density of the mesh.
In blender your smooth is “strong” because you likely use it on a low poly mesh, if your mesh shown in the video you should get similar result.

There is no clear solution to that, one thing you can do is reducing the topology density locally (Topology->Dynamic Topology).

Smooth is one of the few tools that won’t be impacted by intensity >1.

Hello, sorry for the delay it was a very busy week.
I’ve tried this same mesh in blender, and thanks to that I had an idea that it finally made me find the solution here in nomad.

The problem (my problem at least, with this mesh) was that the smooth tool > Stroke spacing is set by default to 13% (or close to that) and for a high poly mesh like this I needed to set it to 1% or 2%.

I attached a short video.

Thanks for your help!

Reducing stroke spacing simply means « more smooth » operation occurs, it will indeed work better in your case but overall performance will take a hit.

From what I remember the spacing in Nomad is bigger than blender by default but not that much.

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Also as a Blender user I also find the smooth brush quite weak. Would be great to increase efficiency as the default setting for smoothing geometry not only tiny details…

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Meh meh meh….as a Blender user…meh meh meh :heart_eyes: :laughing:
Sorry, just cheating. :star_struck:

This thread is one year old. You will love to hear that things have changed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Put intensity to 100% …….and then up, up, up, as high as you want. There is no limit anymore. 1000%, 50000%
Go and melt your sculpt away :joy: :vulcan_salute:

When you find the strength you want, tap on smooth brush icon once more and choose save.

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When I started using nomad sculpt (which I Iove btw!!) I had the same issue until I saw a video which pointed out that the strength slider goes above 100% - it’s basically infinite. This is true for most nomad tools. I think it would be helpful to new users to somehow make it more obvious that the slider goes above 100% - not sure how, but there’s probably a way!

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I’m having a same issue. It doesn’t work well even if put the strength 1000000.
Anyone got a solution?

Make your mesh less dense - a very high poly mesh doesn’t have enough space to smooth out.


Bake transformations before smoothing.

Can you explain what baking is good for? Sounds interesting, but I have no clue.

Well, it normalises the way sculpt brushes affect the geometry. So if you scale an object a lot (making it times bigger or smaller) it’s often needed to bake those transformations (scale goes back to 1.000, 1.000, 1.000) in order to have geometry brushes work correctly.

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Hmm it shouldn’t be the case, do you have an example of a brush where baking makes a difference?

like in Blender?

Happened few times in the past when i imported objects from 3ds max. Came huge and very far from scene origin, scaled it down a lot (100 or 1000 times), then sculpt brush was super strong or super weak (i don’t remember exactly), but after baking transformation brush behaviour came back to normal. Since then i always bake after tranform (scale) and never had problems with brushes strenght/behaviour.

I don’t know about Blender but i guess it’s the same. In 3ds max it’s called “Reset XForm”.

In Blender is Apply transforms, location, rotation, and scale, if you don’t have it correctly the brushes work wrong. When I export from Blender ever apply transforms to avoid this, what I don’t know is that inside Nomad I can apply again.

@Bezzo 3.10M is the, Scene Vertices? I get around half a million and I start to worry and try to get it down. I am very new to this and have not a clue to what is optimal. I know it is more important with the reasoning for the sculpt, the performance of the app, and the abilities to be used, but is there a middle ground number?
Thank you.