Increase intensity for brushes. What happened to the Intensity multiplier?

A brush I use all the time in zbrush is “smooth stronger” There used to be an intensity multiplier that I can’t find now that I used to crank up the intensity so that I could have a really strong smooth brush. This is really great for blending shapes aggressively or just cleaning surfaces up faster.

Pls, let me know if it has been removed or simply moved somewhere else.


Hi Christian! Smooth tool does have an intensity slider along with all other tools, keep Smooth tool selected; go into Stroke (top right column;second icon) and tell me if the Stroke Type is set to ‘Dynamic Intensity’ - if it is uncheck this option and check ‘Dot’ it should revert the intensity slider back to default use for this tool.

Thank you so much bro ! I did not realize that I could push the slider past the bar appearing to be filled.

Not sure what you meant by dynamic intensity but this fixed my issue so I am happy regardless :smiley:


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Dynamic Intensity will hide the slider bar, which is where I thought your issues were. Yes, you can increase the slider up into thousands of percentage, very potent tool when ramped up that can reshape the mesh entirely this way. Glad it got solved. Take care.