Intensity multiplier less than 1 gone?

It was available before v1.45

Just for interest:
Does it make sense to go below 1?
Everything below 1 can be controlled by general intensity slider on the left.
Otherwise it is a little logical mess. Left intensity slider on 0,5 intensity multiplier on 0,5
Intensity = 0,25
Or do you need these very fine steps resulting out of this?
Grabbing the left slider and drag it away to canvas centre let you control in very fine steps,
Quite sure you know that, but one can’t repeat enough those hidden gems.

What’s the use case for below 1.0?

On a related note, is there a reason to keep the intensity multiplier at all? Since you have the infinite wheel ui element, could you just replace the normal intensity slider with that, and we wouldn’t need the multiplier?

I think this a semi good idea. There are places where a clear visual feedback from 0-1 is necessary. Main intensity slider is one of those imho.
Maybe it‘s just me?

No, that’s a good point. I’d definitely be annoyed by my idea now that you mention it.

I thought about it but I wanted to play safe and not introducing an infinite slider in the top level sliders.

It’s something that I might do though somedays but not right now.

For painting, above 1 doesn’t make much sense.
But for most deformation intensity I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Same for radius, I think the infinite slider could make sense.

I wonder if there’s a way to have the infinite slider without losing the visual indication of the intensity slider (I don’t think the radius slider needs a visual indication, as it seems like the tool size isn’t consistent across tools anyway).

Or, maybe just make the intensity slider range 1-10 (or variable via a setting?), but with 0-1 taking up 50% of the slider.

That could be hard to adjust in the higher ranges, but the iOS fine scrubbing mechanism could be a good solution if possible.

Nomad doesn’t use any iOS UI thing, except manual text input.
Everything is full custom written in C++, it has advantages but also inconvenience.

The point of an infinite slider is to not doing stuffs like that!

I know! :slight_smile: I just meant the gesture, not the actual iOS implementation (dragging your finger off and away from the actual slider for finer scrubbing).

Definitely. I was offering that as an alternative to the infinite slider, since I do think there’s value, as @knacki pointed out, in having a visual indicator of intensity.

I use it to get easier granular control for the Stamp tool. I made a batch of custom alphas and for the ones that have a lot of white are very strong - At x1 the usable range is somewhere between 1-6%

I made a custom preset a little while ago (Stamp Lite) that had it about x0.3 iirc. It was just less fussy to adjust the intensity with in the main UI. (and normalized slider behavior across different alphas too)
I’ve used it the same way with the DelLayer tool as well.

If it’s an optimization thing, It’s something I can manage without :slight_smile:

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You could add a custom curve with less than 1 I.e.

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