Nomad Sculpt Topology Issue Cube?

the sliders do not work properly anymore.

Already fixed!

You can check the Pending logs before making an issue to see if it’s already handled.

There seems to be a similar issue with infinity slider of brush tool intensity (clay etc). I think you’ve added in more accuracy when the slider gets closer to zero? When at zero it is now more difficult to get the slider back up to positive values - it takes several attempts before you get back to a value of 1 or 2.
Possibly a connected issue with the slider in topology values?

Intensity/radius slider has changed but it’s not an issue, it’s on purpose.
There is no « infinite slider » option anymore, you can go above 100% without needing to go in the settings.

The behavior around zero is too extreme indeed.
Actually you can’t even set the value to zero, the value displayed is zero but you converge very slowly towards it.
I’ll add a minimal fixed speed towards zero, since it’s not really necessary to have that much precision around zero.
I’ll still keep more precision around low value though.

The issue for topology slider is more annoying because you are stuck (integer value), for decimal value like intensity you can always recover.

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