How to fix messed up topology?

Hi All!

I’m brand new to Nomad and digital sculpting in general so I apologize if this is common knowledge.

Essentially it seems like I messed up some topology on my sculpt and its causing ridges/bumps that are unable to be smoothed or flattened. I’ve tried combinations of remeshing, smoothing, decimating, and even retopology in a program called instant meshes. No luck so far. I think I’ll just start the sculpt over, but is there a way to avoid this problem in the future? Thanks!

Try to voxel remesh it (maybe without build multires), and then smooth it.
Smooth is sensitive to quad size, and voxel remesh ensures regular sized quads.

Remeshing with a low resolution and smoothing seemed to help. I think I might have been making too many unnecessary subdivisions.

Thanks so much!!