Smooth tool or remeshing is causing dimples

I noticed my mesh has developed small dimples on one side, and corresponding small bumps on the opposite side. The smooth tool is not getting rid of them. They simply appear else where on the mesh. I’ve tried voxel remeshing a few times and that has not helped. I’m at a lost for how to get rid of them. I would also like to know what I could of done to cause them in the first place. (I’m pretty new to nomad and sculpting.)
Thank you for any help!

Switch on wireframe. I bet it‘s all black due to super dense mesh.
Post a picture.
And one close up to see if mesh has tris or quads.

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If you select the gizmo and visit its menu, do you have non uniform scale or skew?

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Here’s a close up of the wire mesh. I did have the mesh a bit denser when I first noticed the problem. Then I remeshed it at a lower count.

For the gizmo tool uniform scale is unchecked in its menu.

Not sure if this would help or not but I’ve corrected some odd blemishes with a soft flatten tool, settings down around 12- 15 intensity and an appropriate size brush,fairly small, soft back and forth strokes with the side of the pencil, then smooth afterwords, may or may not work for your situation but has helped me from time to time

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Then “bake” the matrix or check uniform scale.
What were the scales values?

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I must admit I haven’t interacted with the gizmo menu much, and don’t really understand it very well. I checked the box for uniform scale then hit the baked button. And now the smooth tool is working. So I think it’s fixed?

The image is what the gizmo menu looked like beforehand.
Thank you for your help!