Topology messing up again…

Again not sure what caused it but its happening again like its making strange „pores“ and the topology got kinda „gritty“ :sob: remesh function or dyntopo actually causes it to get worse i also resetted the smoothtool to check its not some setting (it works fine in other files though) im not sure at what point it got like this i think i was fusing the ears to the head…
Video i hope its visible in the video what its doing?

(Sometimes when i undo history its making even more pores…)
ps: sorry i made a new topic just tell me if i should add it to the other one instead im pretty sure its the same issue as last time since they react in a similar way :grimacing:

Maybe mathematical rounding errors (these happen when the object is very small like <1 mm)

Could be worth a try scaling it up by a factor of 10* or 100* to see if it stops happening then

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Thanks for the suggestion but sadly that didnt work either i feel like my remesh just acts… weird for certain models maybe an issue with polygon numbers? :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s not polygon number for sure.
Send me the model (gltf) and I’ll take a look.

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sorry Its a bit too big to upload here
i hope you can dl it from this

Thanks, what should I do to replicate the bug?
Otherwise for now simply bake the matrix in the gizmo menu.

On 1.68 having skew in the matrix can be problematic (for example when remeshing).

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its a bit hard to recall at what point exactly the messup happened i just remember noticing it after i started working on it again after leaving the program in the background to do something else for a while :smiling_face_with_tear: the last thing i remember doing is voxelremeshing the ears onto it working on those a bit then working on the haircurves, then when i came back smoothing causes what you can see… i will try pinpoint it more in future it might happen again
and yeah thankfully baking made it workable again :sweat_drops: