Strange History destroying bug nearly destroyed a sculpt

I was working on one part of a mesh (4 M poly, 20+ layers 3 way radial symmetry) when I zoom out to look at the entire mesh and see that parts that were far away from where I worked seem to be completely shifted, (seemed almost like a negative smooth layer was applied ?)

I have models from before / after the error (luckily I versioned up a file 1 hour before the bug)

this is the second time I’ve run across this bug and I dont know how to replicate yet, I’m guessing it might have something to do with some sort of Lock+Radius brush but i’m not sure

Figured out the repeatable version of this problem,

2 layers were randomly turning on that shouldnt

(layer A had offset unchecked but was checking itself back on and another which was set to offset 0.02 was going to 1.0, both during certain events, like baking or export)

That is a messed up sculpt even without a bug……especially the “anatomically correct” parts.
I have done similar anatomical merge sculpts but always felt that they shouldn’t be shared :rofl:
Nice work

There’s a reason I posted it without any textures it gets a lot worse on Instagram

What is your insta……I looked on Shahar2k and couldnt find that image
Interested to follow

yeah all those are done using a fun little freeware app called MagicaCSG (constructive solid geometry they’re basically all done with fancy booleans)

No one really sees the art I do for pay for work so this is all art for fun, posted a thread on the artwork section :slight_smile: