Stroke/deformation snap-back/reset issue when sculpting

This only occurs since the last update.

i have noticed after a while of sculpting the app will get stuck in a mode where i try to sculpt and see the geo deform under, however when i release it snaps back “close” to the initial starting point.

so if i draw a stroke that pushes it down 4mm, when i release it will return to a deformation of maybe 1-2mm… so does affect it and does deform it, however doesnt do the actual stroke.

i get this also with all tools. The move tool, rotate, everything will snap back.

Generally noticed this after 1-2hours of sculting and my ipad is hot like a potato. generally i close the app, wait and come back and it will be fine. tough to repro, but next time im sculpting ill try to catch a video of it.

If you are sculpting on a layer that is not full intensity it’s the expected behavior.

I won’t change how it works, but I might make it more apparent that the layer is not full intensity (currently you should check the stats on the top right corner to get a hint).

OH, could be that. i didnt check. ill double check when i get home. it did disappear after voxel merging. so maybe i had layers. thanks for pointing that out

Restarting the app and using voxel merging shouldn’t change anything though.

The exception is voxel merging multiple meshes.
In that case the layers are added, not merged, so maybe you ended on another layer that was full intensity.