1.68 android Fold3


I’m really impressed with this update…uaaaauhhhh with global illumination… thanks!!!

I have a serious issue with it:

When i slice several times the stylus (with any tool) the point where it has effect separates a lot of pixels away the real position of the stylus.

Anyone has this same and odd issue?

I autoanswer… there is an update in play store that seems fix this issue!!!

This is speed in update release!!!

Thanks a lot.

Until today i can’t use Nomad another time in deep…and still It has the issue (less displacement quantity but still is present) ,(

Would be helpful if we could actually SEE what you’re talking about

Today I cant record the screen (it needs to do with other mobile because with screen capture cant show the problem)…but its easy to explain…
…when I make continuous traces with stylus the point where the stylus is touching the screen doesn’t match with the point where Nomad sculpts.

Do you have Stroke Offset enabled?

Sometimes It works right, but when I slide two or three times the stylus the point miss the correct position.

I had this offset happen to me on a sculpt I was working on a few days ago, I played around with settings to see what I could do to fix it, couldn’t seem to rectify the issue, then tried opening a new session to see if it would continue but it didn’t, everything was fine. I don’t remember what I did to fix it, or if I did, I may have just opened an earlier save, haven’t had it happen again since.