Tool floats from stylus point

When I put the stylus on the screen, the tip of the tool is off, the more I move the stylus the more off center the tool gets. It was working yesterday just fine, but after today’s update it’s messed up.

You are talking about the rope stabiliser?

No, checked it. When I move the stylus the center of the tool actually moves off the center of the stylus. When I stop the tool usually centers back on the stylus, it doesn’t anymore. It wasn’t doing this before today.

What do you mean exactly by “center of the tool”?

  • the red circle (the last sculpted operation)
  • the tip of the rope stabiliser

By the way “wasn’t doing this before” is not helpful because there was 100% a bug before.
A bug that could the sculpted operation itself (the first step could have different stepping) so I can’t revert it back.

However I think I know the source of the issue.

So in this image, the red dot is a few millimeters above the tip of my stylus instead of being centered.

I appreciate how quickly you put out fixes.

Yeah I understand the issue, it’s basically the complete opposite problem of the gizmo/drag/move tool

The core issue is there is a minimal offset to differentiate multi touch from single touch sculpting.
So either the sculpt starts on where the stylus is, or where you initially pressed it.
Depending on the tool or mode used, you don’t want the same behaviour.

This whole offset thing only makes sense for finger so I should disable it for stylus, trackpad and mouse.
I’ll improve the whole behaviour for next release.

Preciate it :grin:

That was fast, works perfect again. Thanks

As it turns out, it seems to happen again. I’ve even turned stroke offset on at 0, thinking that would keep the cursor on the tip of the stylus but it has no effect. Sometimes when I’m smoothing my stylus tip will be a half inch from the cursor. I wish my stylus target wouldn’t disappear when I touch it to the screen so you can see how far off it is. I know you’re working on it and I’m patient.

You can turn on “Show small dot” under display settings to see when it is happening.

im experiencing this right now. im sculpting hair and my pen vs the dot/circle has an offset. its irregular. sometimes its off by 10%, then 25%, then 50% depending where i sculpt on the hair. I used percentages as an example to imply the offset. never had this before.

i have some scrnshots but cant upload it because im a new user. if you want them, i can send em via email.

Should be fixed on next release.

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Thank you kindly blessings and big love