Sculpting bug involving Grab dynamic radius, smoothing, and layers... (destroys undos)

Bug reports

I’ve been running into a bug that seems to occur when either smoothing on a layer with a grab dynamic radius or doing other operations like that, which then causes that layer to instead corrupt the BASE model, as well as all previous undos.

it’s a difficult to tell when this is happening as things seem normal as I’m working, until I hide the layer at which point the base model becomes corrupted and “spikey” and this seems to be not undoable.

You are on Nomad 1.71?
DynTopo? Non uniform scale in the matrix or not?

in this latest case none of those, let me see if I can replicate this behavior,

it does seem to occur more often when some layers on the object arent set to 1, but it almost ALWAYS occurs when I use a brush via grab radius (usually for stamping alphas)