Dynamic Topology

I’m not sure if this is really something that would be considered a bug. Maybe more of a behavior change that I’ve noticed. Though I can’t precisely say when it changed other than recently. I’m on 1.71 at the moment.

This has to do with dynamic topology and uniformisation. I usually use it combined with the smooth tool. It used to basically ignore the previous underlying mesh (which can get a bit weird and stretched through my random sculpting attempts), and give a fairly uniform replacement in the desired area. Now it has an almost stretched out effect that isn’t as useful.

Haven’t spent a lot of time testing it out to see if maybe it’s just something I’m doing wrong or need to adjust in some way, but I’ll try to show an example later when I get a bit more time.

Bake your matrix, it has non uniform scale/skew.

Thank you. I could not figure out what my issue was. I rarely ever scale on any axis and just create everything from a sphere, but for this part of the leg it seemed like it would be slightly faster to put in the base. I had even remeshed it and assumed everything would be fine without it ever dawning on me that it would cause such a minor issue down the line.

Took a few minutes to figure out where I’d need to go to bake the matrix as I’d never had the issue before, but once I found it everything just works. Thanks again.

Before scene hierarchy skew and non uniform scale was baked automatically for validated (sculptable) mesh.

But now I can’t always do it because instances can have different transform.

There has been 3 bugs related to this but it should be fixed for next release (dynTopo, DelLayer and Layer tool).

Honestly, just knowing that I can currently just hit a button and it’s fixed already works for me. Considering it should be a rare issue that I’d ever come across based on how I use Nomad, I’m not too worried about it. Especially in comparison to scene hierarchy and instances. I’d much rather have both of those and deal with hitting a single button every month or two…lol.

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