Lost subdivions

Was finishing painting a hires sculpt on Android 12. Needed an alpha brush, switched to my browser to download it; came back to nomad and this is what happened. Try to reload but, it over wrote it. Luckily I have the backup without paint.

Turn off auto-save if you don’t it over-writing. The query doesn’t really match up to the picture (lost subdivisions) - that’s in the topology menu. If you remeshed at any point you’ll lose multiresolution - or enable dynamic topology. If you go into Materials and turn on smooth shading for the model, it’ll help with the blockiness.

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It’s not a bug, that’s how mobile OS works.
It will kill sometimes kill any app opened if it deems it necessary.

You need to save regularly.

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You are correct. I loaded in the back up. Saved over original then opened another app without closing nomad. Same thing happened. My phone has plenty of memory, this shouldn’t happen. Live and learn. Thank you for the reply.

Sure you don’t mistake it with storage memory?
It’s the RAM that matters.