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I wasn’t sure if I should post all in one post… but I did just in case these problems are related since they are about the mesh acting weird…

The first problem is certain vertices of the mesh getting stuck when using the move tool, even when mask is cleared.

The other problem is, when using carve function in the mask options while in a layer, and then undoing the carve function(even when clearing the mask before using undo), the mesh gets stuck or altered permanently, and the app will usually crash if I continue to undo and redo this to try and fix it. I turned off auto save because it would save my now deformed mesh when the app crashes. I also learned to duplicate my object before doing anything with the carve function.

If you use Boolean or Trim/Split, it can be the issue.
There is an issue on 1.82 that could corrupt the mesh afterwards, fix on 1.83 (should be live tomorrow).

Otherwise if it’s something else and if you got a reliable/consistent way to replicate the crash, I could fix it easily.

Thank you for the reply. I am not using Boolean, trim, or split. I can replicate it on my iPad, I have been replicating it for days, since I am using certain tools to achieve a certain result for this type of sculpting.

As far as the first one, it seems that the move tool just acts weird in general… but it acts especially weird for extruded and extracted objects on a layer.
Use a sphere
Add a layer
Paint on the sphere
Go into the layer and mask the painting
Invert the mask to select all but the painting
Use the gizmo the pull out the painting
Clear the mask
Go to the layer options and extract a shell
Now use the move tool on the edge of the extracted shell

Many pieces of the mesh will stay permanently attached to the vertices and the mesh will be deformed. I have also found that the layer will deform in weird ways when using the stamp and color tools with a picture set as the color.

To replicate the second one,
Use a sphere(any resolution has the problem).
Make a new layer on the sphere.
Use either the paint tool or the stamp tool to make a photo stamp on that layer, or just use the brush to make a painted mark.
In the layer options, mask the color.
Go to the mask options for the mask tool and use the carve feature.
Clear the mask
Undo the carve feature
Go to layers and use the layer slider to turn off that layer.
The sphere is now left with permanent carve of the object carved, no matter how many undos.

Hopefully that covered most of everything… I don’t know if there are any weird settings that I applied to make these results, so you will have to try it and see. Thank you for taking the time to look at it!

Second issue will be resolved for 1.83.

Couldn’t replicate the first scenario but I might try again later.

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Ahhh I figured it out for the first one! I had front facing vertex only on for the move tool! It seems to still grab the back facing vertex a lot, only leaving some parts still in place, making it deform badly. I tested it and you can replicate it easily.
Just take any object with two sides, trim it in some way, and use the move tool on the edge of the trimmed part, with front faces vertex only on. A lot of the mesh on the opposite side is still moved while only some stays in place, deforming the mesh.
It gets deformed badly if you keep moving it.

I tested it out and it seems to be a problem with all of the tools. they only leave some vertices alone, while still moving the rest.

It’s their orientation that matters, whether their normals are pointing towards the camera or not.

Connected topology is a more robust way to ignore far away geometry.

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Thank you for the reply. The problem was on a different face of the mesh, not a different part of it. Connected topology didn’t work in that case.

But I re-checked the issues and it seems they are all fixed! Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Even the planer, move, and some other tools effecting the parallel side of the object is now fixed!