When using move and and drag tool it breaks the mesh

First of all I adore this program. I tried using blender before this but it was so far from my wheelhouse in terms of software experience that I just gave up, but considering that I am a digital artist and that the version on the iPad uses the same shortcuts as procreate does that was a huge plus

But something that I noticed happening in the last week or so is that when I use the move or drag tools, the motion happens without taking into account the 3d space around it, thus breaking the mesh I don’t know what could have caused this to happen because I don’t remember updating the app and I’ve had it for a year and only now started using it constantly and it was an entire month straight with no issues. Maybe it updated automatically and this was just a bug that came with it I’m not sure

This is the model at a different angle than I had used the move tool, that leads me to believe that the error involves the tool not taking into account the 3D space in the way it’s meant to

Update the app.

Thank you