Move tool seems a bit off (beta)

For beta Tue Aug 2

Not sure exactly how to articulate the new feel of the move tool today. It used to grab and move fairly uniformly with a good falloff to stretch things around. Now it kind of feels like it’s grabbing and moving things almost from a single point and the stretching is not the expected look that I guess I’m used to. It’s almost folding the mesh when moving now instead of moving the rest of the mesh. I still have a few more things to try out to see if I can get it back to the previous feel.

Maybe it’s just something I’m doing wrong though. Most likely something simple that I’m overlooking.

Seems to be quite similar to when “normal” is active.

Make sure to reset the tool brush, maybe you edited the curve and saved the preset?

The tool didn’t change.

Sorry about that. Was gone pretty much since I sent that. I fixed it though just now.

I rarely ever change any settings. I use almost all the Nomad tools as is, so I didn’t think it could be the curves. It just started this morning after the little pop up said the next update was installed. I just assumed it was a change that was made.

I got back and it was still smearing the mesh when I moved it. IT 101, turn it off and back on again. Works almost every time.