Move brush tool acting weird

testflight - while using move brush tool I find that clicking anywhere on the screen drags the mesh vertices which makes it harder because when i try to rotate the camera, the mesh vertices gets dragged along. I think i prefer previous testlight version where i just have to click on the mesh vertices to move them.

Also another issue is move brush tool creates a bump. I’m going to try to send screenshot or video if it helps

I can’t post video because of size limit, but here is a picture of me trying to rotate around, then the move brush tool just starts acting out

Check the tool option, drag radius.

Hm can’t seem to find it

Menu on the left

Unfortunately still the same issue for me🥲, here I have uploaded a video

Look at how big your brush is and how small your object is.

Try turning down your brush size so it’s the size of the area you want to affect.

It’s like you’re trying to scoop ice cream out of a pint container with a backhoe.

EDIT: Sorry, I see the issue. You’re not even close to the object with your brush stroke. The size of your brush distracted me from the issue at hand lol

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Yeah that’s the issue, I’m not even close to the object but it’s still getting pulled

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I totally missed that