Can't adjust radius of Move brush

Is anyone else having difficulty adjusting the radius of the Move brush? For me, the radius slider seems to be stuck at a value of ten. Oddly, when I start a fresh scene, the Move brush has a much bigger radius than 10 (despite what the slider indicates), but, as soon as I try to move the slider, the actual radius of the brush snaps to 10 and gets stuck there. The only solution I’ve found so far is to enable Word-space Radius in the brush settings.

I’m using 1.5.2 on an iPad with the latest version of iOS.


It’s a bug I’m fixing it, thanks for the report.


The sThe same problem, please solve the update quickly

Hi, I realized that the drag brush has the same issue as the move brush. The radius is also stuck at a value of ten and can not be solved through reinstallation. Really appreciated it if this bug can also be fixed.

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Last night I was able to use them both (move brush and drag brush) just fine, but this morning they appear to have taken on the bug being unable to be adjusted. Currently waiting the bug fix as reloading/refreshing the app did not help. Until then, I will simply rely on other tools and keep working on my projects.

Same bug here. Both drag and move stuck at radius 10. Glad Stephane is aware! They seriously vital tools!

Same bug here. For now enable world-space radius (under Stroke) so you can still adjust the brush size.

1.53 is live


Thank you!

Updating too 1.53 has broken the scaling of the move and drag brushes for me now. Any fixes? I’m right in the middle of a project.

This is still a problem today. Is it still in the process of being resolved?

It was fixed on 1.53, make sure to be up to date.

Otherwise I need more information (screenshots/video? is world radius use or not? did you save the tool preset while it was broken?)

Thank you. I had gone into the App store and updated all of my apps from my account overview, but for some reason I had to actually search Nomad Sculpt to bring it up and show an update button. It’s fixed now, just my mistake.

Sorry for the confusion stephomi. My App Store is not updating correctly for some reason. It will say the app has updated but when I come back later it shows I need to update again. Very strange behavior.

I am also having radius issue with my move tool. I have the latest 2021 iPad Pro and it works fine on my 2nd generation iPad Pro??

Actually I’ve got radius issues with all my tools/brushes etc.

Ok it’s sorted now after reading comments about updating. Love this app mate. Kia ora.